Simplifying Crypto Onboarding with Web3Auth

Introducing newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency can be quite challenging. Tasks like creating a secure wallet, storing long seed phrases, and understanding the complexities of DeFi can be overwhelming, especially for those just getting to know crypto and Web3. 

FortunX introduces and brings  crypto into people’s everyday lives with the help of online shopping. Just by downloading a free-to-use Chrome extension, users can earn cryptoback simply by shopping at their favorite brands. There’s no need to download multiple apps or become an expert of cryptocurrencies – our solution is simple, free and user-friendly. 

With user-friendliness in mind, FortunX was searching for a Web3 authenticator that would meet expectations and satisfy users’ needs. That is how Web3Auth came into the picture with its easy to use solution designed for seamless crypto onboarding.

Why Web3Auth is better than other authenticators

Traditional user authentication for crypto products typically involves connecting a Web3 wallet and verifying its ownership. Although it may seem a piece of cake for crypto-savvy people, the complexity of cryptocurrencies causes confusion for newcomers and makes them back down or discouraged.

To help them overcome this barrier, Web3Auth offers a user-friendly authentication process for both crypto and non-crypto users. Regardless of your preferred method – be it a crypto wallet like MetaMask, email, or social accounts like Google or Facebook – you can choose the authentication method that suits you best.

FortunX & Web3Auth partnership set for success

FortunX aims to provide the best user experience possible and chose Web3Auth as a Web2 & Web3 authentication provider. The partnership between FortunX and Web3Auth creates an excellent synergy for users to seamlessly enter the world of crypto, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.

Web3Auth’s Core Kit solution made this possible. FortunX saved significant development hours and resources by implementing the Web3Auth SDK into the FortunX Chrome extension and soon-to-be-released web application.  The solution has proven to be seamless, reliable, secure, and scalable, creating an excellent user journey.

Closing thoughts

Crypto should be accessible to everyone. FortunX works hard to make this dream a reality. The partnership with Web3Auth marks a significant milestone in this journey as both parties’ are committed to continuously innovate and bring the best crypto experience for the community.

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