FortunX Beta Update: New Partners, Upgrades, and Optimized User Experience

At FortunX, we believe collecting crypto rewards should be easy, seamless, and accessible to all. This drives our focus on optimizing and enhancing the platform.

While still in beta, we’ve been hard at work enhancing the extension and building new features for our official launch.

Now let’s recap the key upgrades since our last update:

More Brands

We’ve rapidly expanded our partner network to unlock more earning potential. Exciting new additions include global retailers like Omio and Dyson and leading Indian sites like JioMart. More brands, more cashback!

Onboarding these partners not only grows our partner list but also gets us one step closer to mainstream crypto adoption. Our aim is to demonstrate the value of crypto rewards in a digestible way — no crypto expertise required.

Smoother user journey

Creating the smoothest possible onboarding journey is an ongoing effort. We analyzed community feedback and usage data to identify friction points.

One key finding was the desire for flexibility in login options.
We responded by integrating alternative sign-in methods like Google, Facebook, Discord, and crypto wallets.

We also removed name fields from email login based on requests to reduce steps. The community spoke and we listened!

Enhanced communication

With hundreds of daily emails, clarity is key. We revamped our automated emails for a more professional design and added new email flows.

Also, we know that keeping track of the cashback status is critical, so we completely redesigned our automated emails to provide detailed tracking information, including:

  • Pending and approved cashback notifications
  • Breakdown of earned amounts per purchase

Saving users time is invaluable.

What’s Next?

While we’re proud of recent achievements, there is always room for improvement. Upcoming focuses include:

  • Growing our partner network reach
  • Building new features to boost earning potential
  • Continued optimization based on user feedback

Thank you for being part of this journey — we couldn’t do it without our community’s support and input.

If you haven’t checked out FortunX yet, now is the time! Download the extension today to start collecting crypto cashback from your favorite brands.

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The FortunX Team

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