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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our platform

Here you can read some common questions from the community to learn more about our product.

Just open the extension and click on a brand to be redirected to their site. Make a purchase as you usually do and receive the cryptoback within hours.

If you visit one of our partner’s sites, the extension will also notify you in a pop-up window to activate your rewards so you won’t miss any cryptoback.

Cryptoback is similar to cashback, but you receive crypto instead of cash.

No, this is not the final product yet because more features and partners will be added constantly. Please check roadmap for milestones. 

You should use FortunX because it allows you to earn free crypto while shopping at global retailers. By using the extension, you can receive cashback in the form of cryptocurrency for purchases you would make anyway. Additionally, the value of the $FNX token you receive could potentially increase over time, giving you even more value in the long term. All it costs you is one click.

$FNX is the utility token that powers the FortunX ecosystem. Please note that the $FNX token is not live yet, until then you receive cryptoback at a fixed $0.01 rate. All the collected tokens will be converted 1:1 at the token launch.

The public token sale won’t happen until thorough product testing and incorporating community feedback. We believe in building first, then launching our token, not the other way around. We’ll announce the date of our public token sale on our official channels, so make sure to follow us!

You can earn cryptoback at every online store listed in the extension.

Yes, FortunX is available globally. Also, you can filter between countries based on brands’ availability so you will simply see where you can earn crypto when shopping online.

Usually within a few hours but it can take up to several days depending on our partners.

When you make a purchase, -depending on the partner- the cryptoback might first go to the pending state. This means your reward is on the way and it will be added to your balance, however, you cannot use it yet. This is common on travel sites (e.g. Booking, Travala) where you might receive the rewards only after your stay.

Currently, yes! However, after the official launch, you may be able to earn other cryptocurrencies.

Up until the launch of the $FNX token, the rate is fixed at $0.01. After the token launch, the exchange rate will be calculated based on real-time value, pulled via API from blockchain data.

So e.g. if you spend $100 at a brand where we offer 10% cashback, we will give $10 worth of $FNX tokens, based on the exchange rate at that time. If the price of our token is e.g. $0.01, we will give you 1,000 tokens. Then, when the token price rises, it might be worth even more than the initial $10.

Due to the fluctuation of the token price your USD balance will constantly change depending on the $FNX token price. While we will do our best to boost the value of the $FNX tokens to grow the value of your balance, unfortunately, we cannot control global market conditions. However, we will do our best to bring value to the $FNX ecosystem, thus maintaining and growing the token value.

While we prioritize security measures in storing your tokens, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of a security breach. However, we continually work to minimize potential threats and implement additional safety measures as needed. In the unlikely event of a security breach, we will prioritize the security and protection of our community and take immediate action to resolve the issue.

As for now, we recommend to HODL. When we add more features you will be able to purchase gift cards or convert $FNX tokens to any other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Also, we will introduce staking so you can receive attractive % staking rewards.

Currently, withdrawals are not available until the official launch, but all the collected tokens will be converted 1:1 at the token launch. After the token launch, you can claim them to your preferred wallet and be able to trade them.

When claiming your tokens you just need to provide your Arbitrum wallet address capable of receiving ERC20 tokens. If you don’t have a wallet yet, we recommend setting up a MetaMask or a Zerion wallet.

No, there is no withdrawal limit.

Our primary blockchain infrastructure is Arbitrum, but we aim to build a cross-chain platform and we’ll expand to zkSync and other blockchains too in the future. For new updates please follow us on our official social media channels.

The cashback amount depends on the agreements we make with the partners. Obviously, we always aim to give back the highest possible cashback rate to our users.

In case you get a refund after you received your tokens, we will deduct that cryptoback amount from your next purchase(s).

Please note, that in case of inappropriate use we will restrict your account and will place a temporary ban on your account.

While global market conditions are beyond our control, we do everything in our power to maintain the value of the $FNX token. This ought to be achieved through continuous buybacks and token burns, a wide range of utility use cases, and staking rewards. By implementing these measures, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem that rewards our users while generating value for our token holders.

FortunX generates income through various channels, both on-chain and off-chain.

On-chain, FortunX generates income through a 1% utility fee on all on-chain transactions within the ecosystem, except for buying or selling $FNX tokens. This includes transactions such as cashback withdrawals, swapping, redeeming, and staking. The generated utility fee is shared 100% with $FNX stakers, helping to incentivize staking and support the value of the token.

Off-chain, FortunX generates income from brand partners when users shop with them and receive $FNX tokens as cashback. FortunX puts the full amount of cashback rewards earned from our partners back into the ecosystem, ensuring the long-term success of our platform.

Yes, we are constantly developing new features and will implement them over time. Please follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for continuous updates.

If you have anything in mind, please reach out at hello@thanx.finance or via Telegram & Discord.