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Simplifying Crypto Onboarding with Web3Auth

Introducing newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency can be quite challenging. Tasks like creating a secure wallet, storing long seed phrases, and understanding the complexities of DeFi can be overwhelming, especially for those just getting to know crypto and Web3.  FortunX introduces and brings  crypto into people’s everyday lives with

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The FortunX public beta is here! Download the Chrome extension, shop at top retailers and start collecting free crypto. Sign up now!

Public Beta is LIVE

We’re excited to share that our public beta launch is finally here. Our Google Chrome extension is now available to download from the Chrome Web Store! This marks a major milestone for our team as we continue to build our vision for a next-generation cashback and rewards platform. Our Google Chrome extension

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Discover future plans and start earning up to 20% crypto cashback when you shop at top brands like Travala, PUMA and many others.

FortunX Launch Plan

Are you excited to learn about FortunX’s plans for launch? We’ve got all the information you need, so let’s dive in! But before we do, let’s briefly go over what FortunX is all about: FortunX lets you earn up to 20% cashback in crypto when you shop, travel, or book

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Discover the ultimate crypto rewards platform, FortunX! Earn up to 20% cashback in crypto when you shop, travel, or book hotels.

Introducing FortunX, the Ultimate Crypto Rewards Platform

Our mission is to accelerate crypto adoption and bring it into people’s everyday lives. We will do this by developing a reward & loyalty platform using Web3 technology. The backbone of this ecosystem will be the FNX utility token. To ensure the token’s utility grows over time we’ll create a thriving ecosystem around

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Discover the top cryptocurrency trends of 2023! From DeFi platforms to Metaverse and AI protocols, explore the digital currency landscape.

Top Cryptocurrency Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Cryptocurrency is an exciting and rapidly evolving field, and the trends to look out for in 2023 are sure to be even more thrilling. From the rise of DeFi platforms to the continued evolution of digital wallets, the cryptocurrency landscape is constantly shifting and adapting to the needs of investors

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