Try our Browser Extension

A browser extension with a Shop-to-Earn model powered by $THANX token and 30+ global brands.

Still in the works, check our beta

Extension Launch Coming Soon​

To check out our beta browser extension just download it from GitHub and follow the guide below.

Download from GitHub and unpack it

Download the Extension.rar file. It’s only 3.25 MB!

Type in chrome://extensions in your browser

Instead of an URL, just type in the chrome:// extensions command into your Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser.

Turn ON the developer mode

It’s at the top right corner.

Click on "Upload unpacked" to upload your unpacked file

It’s at the top left corner. Open the unpacked file and upload the “Extension Beta” folder.

Congrats! Our demo extension is added to your browser!

Just go to your extensions, search for THANX and open it to check our beta version.

For the lazy ones

Extension DEMO version intro

Extension Beta Version

FAQ and some extra help

Here you can read some frequently asked questions about our beta version and watch useful videos if your having trouble installing the extension.

Yes, this is a beta version of our extension. Although we created this product for illustrational and informational purposes, it already contains deep links that we are tracking. Since we partnered with all the brands shown here, we receive commission after every purchase from these partners. Although we are not yet able to give this back as a cashback, all income will be used to buyback tokens at launch to boost the price and support the growth of our project.

No, this is just a beta version of our extension to showcase how it works. This is not the final product yet because more features will be added (e.g. transaction history, token collection, profile, etc.) and the design will get some boost as well. 

Yes, this version already contains our partners and shows the future cashback rate, so you can click on the logos to make a purchase at the participating brands.

Not yet, but you can support us by clicking on the brands and making a purchase. 

As soon as our extension is accepted in the Chrome Web Store you will be able to collect tokens, which can be redeemed for gift cards, exchanged for other cryptos, and staked for benefits.